Going to a Concert I

I heard on the radio this morning that my favorite band was going to be in concert here next month. I was so excited. The first thing I did was to call my friend Ben who is also a big fan of the band. Not only was the band playing in town, they were going to play at a bar called the Whiskey. The Whiskey is known as a small, intimate venue so we’d be able to get close to the band. It’s not a big amphitheater where you can’t even see the band from the nose-bleed section. This would be the ultimate concert experience if only we can get tickets.


I was sure that the tickets would sell out fast when they went on sale on Saturday morning. So, Ben and I decided to camp out in front of the box office on Friday night. That way, when the box office opened on Saturday morning, we would definitely get tickets. We grabbed a bite to eat on Friday night, then we got dressed in our warmest clothes and took our sleeping bags to the ticket office. This was around 8pm. When we got there, I couldn’t believe it! There were already about 15 people in line! And, I was sure we’d be the first ones. Oh well.


Ben and I got into the back of the line and we barely got any sleep all night. We talked to the other people there and we just hung out all night. Nothing got out of hand, though, so we didn’t get hassled by the cops. By morning, there were more than 50 die-hard fans in line.


Well, it paid off. When the box office opened at 9 am, we filed up to the window one by one and got our tickets. It was all worth it. I heard afterwards that the concert sold out in less than a half hour! I’m so glad we braved the elements and camped out. I really can’t wait until next month!

Going to a Concert II

My friend Ben and I have been waiting a month to see our favorite band in concert. This was the night. We were so excited. In a small venue like the Whiskey, there wouldn’t be a bad seat in the house.


So, we get to the Whiskey really early to find street parking and snagged a spot about four blocks away. Then, we got in line which was already about 20 deep. There were two bouncers outside of the bar and they weren’t letting anybody in yet. We waited and waited in line. Finally, the line started to move. When we got to the head of it, one of the bouncers checked our tickets and one of the other employees of the club put a wrist band on each of us. I guess this was to let the employees in the bar know that we belonged there and we weren’t crashing the party.


Anyway, we got inside and tried to get as close to the stage as possible. There were already a bunch of people standing in front of the stage in a special roped-off section. These were probably VIP’s or maybe they were groupies. Who knows? Anyway, I just know that security wasn’t letting anyone get that close.


Before too long, people started to cheer and I knew that the opening act was about to come on. This was a band I’d never heard of before so I wasn’t that excited to hear them. They did come out and they started played a set. I couldn’t believe it. They were really horrible. The people standing next to Ben and me started boo-ing the band. Other people started throwing things on the stage, like their drinks and their food. After a little while, the boo-ing got so loud, you could hardly hear the band. Finally, they finished their song and left the stage.


The concert-goers were pretty rowdy by this time. Some were yelling, others were getting up on top of the bar and dancing. Just when I thought there was going to be riot, someone got on the microphone and started to introduced the headlining band . All of a sudden, everybody calmed down and started cheering. The band came on stage and started their first number. Then, the room was full of happy campers. Ben and I were both a little nervous for a second there. We didn’t know if things were going to get out of hand. But when the band started playing, we knew that everything would be ok. This was turning out to be a great night, just like we’d imagined.

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