A Kiss

Carlos buys a new car. It’s a very expensive car. It’s a huge, blue, fast car. While driving down the street, Carlos sees a girl on a bicycle. She has long blond hair and is beautiful. He yells to her, “What’s up?”

She ignores him. He yells, “How’s it going?” She keeps going and ignores him.

He yells, “Hey, why won’t you talk to me? I want to go to dinner with you. I’ll take you to an expensive restaurant.” The girl turns, gets off the bike, and looks at him. She says, “I don’t want to go to dinner. But if you give me your car, I will give you a surprise.”

Carlos says, “OK!” He jumps out of the car. He gives her the keys and says, “Here are the keys.” The beautiful blond takes the keys and then kisses Carlos on the cheek. Then she jumps into the car and drives away. Carlos stands on the sidewalk. Now he has no car and no girl. He says, “That’s it, just a kiss on the cheek?” He gets on her bike and rides home.

huge:  very big                                                               خیلی بزرگ

What’s up?: a greeting, “hello”                            (چه خبر (در سلام تعارف

ignores: doesn’t listen to                                            اهمیت ندادن به

How’s it going: a greeting, “How are you?”                        چطوری؟

keeps: continues                                                         ادامه می دهد

That’s it: “That is all”, there is no more, that is everything       همین

Past Tense Verb Forms       زمان گذشته برخی افعال

  • می خرد: خرید
  • هست : بود
  • رانندگی می کند : رانندگی می کرد
  • می راند : راند
  • می بیند : دید
  • دارد : داشت
  • داد می زند : داد زد
  • اهمیت نمی دهد : اهمیت نداد
  • ادامه می دهد : ادامه داد
  • بر می گردد : برگشت
  • نگاه می کند : نگاه کرد
  • می گوید : گفت
  • می پرد : پرید
  • می دهد : داد
  • می گیرد : گرفت
  • می بوسد : بوسید
  • می ایستد : ایستاد
  • سوار می شود روی : سوار شد روی
  • می راند : راند
  • buys: bought
  • is: was
  • driving: was driving
  • drives: drove
  • sees: saw
  • has: had
  • yells: yelled
  • ignores: ignored
  • keeps: kept
  • turns: turned
  • looks: looked
  • says: said
  • jumps: jumped
  • gives: gave
  • takes: took
  • kisses: kissed
  • stands: stood
  • gets on: got on
  • rides: rode

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