The Bachelor’s Lesson

A keen young bachelor had finished his studies at the university. As soon as he had received his diploma, he asserted to everyone he met that he was the smartest person in town.

“I excel at everything I study,” he said, bragging about his knowledge. “I’ve mastered calculus and physiology. I even understand the great theoretical teachings of science, such as relativity. There is nothing that I don’t know. Whether it’s the movements of celestial objects, like planets and stars, or how to harness the power of radioactive substances, I know everything.”

But actually, there was something the bachelor did not know. Though his analytic abilities were great, he failed to notice he was missing something very important in his life.

One day while walking through town, the bachelor witnessed a collision between two cars. Both drivers appeared to be injured, but the scholar only stood and watched.

He thought to himself, “Those idiots should have been more alert. They really must not be very competent.” He never thought the drivers needed help.

“Please help me,” said the female driver in a weak voice. “Help me, too,” said the male driver. “I’m hurt and can’t move.”

Suddenly the bachelor realized he was the only person near the accident. He quit thinking and ran to help the drivers. He carefully helped them out of their vehicles and then called an ambulance.

The drivers were saved, and the bachelor felt the best he had in his entire life. Studying mythology, sociology, and geology didn’t give him this wonderful feeling. It was the act of helping others, not his cognitive skills, that gave him this great feeling.

He had learned an important lesson. He learned that intellect isn’t everything; being helpful is just as important. “Having only a brain is not enough,” he thought. “You must also have a heart.”


The analytic article criticized the new plan and presented one of its own تحلیلی Analytic
He asserted that his mother’s cooking was better than his best friend’s ادعا کردن assert
Since he was a bachelor, Jason did his shopping by himself فرد مجرد bachelor
By using calculus, scientists determined small changes in the stars’ brightness حساب Calculus
Comets are celestial objects that are rarely seen آسمانی Celestial
After her physical examination, her cognitive strengths were tested شناختی Cognitive
The collision between the two cars created a loud noise تصادم، برخورد collision
Competent employees are much better than unknowledgeable ones توانا، با عرضه Competent
After four years of college, Mary finally had a diploma دیپلم diploma
To excel at a subject or activity means to be very good at it برتری داشتن در Excel
Because he studied geology, he knew how the mountains were formed زمین شناسی geology
The sails harness the wind in order to move مهار کردن Harness
She was known for her quick and strong intellect as well as her beauty قوه درک، هوش Intellect
Only the keenest of students could have solved that math problem زیرک keen
Egyptian mythology was the basis for a religion اسطوره شناسی mythology
His work in physiology helped him understand how the human body works فیزیولوژی physiology
Radioactive materials can be very bad for anyone’s health رادیواکتیو Radioactive
Relativity teaches that light travels at the same speed in the universe نسبیت relativity
Sociology teaches that people’s problems are a result of their society جامعه شناسی sociology
His conclusion was only theoretical and not meant to be publicized نظری theoretical

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