The Helpful Abbey

صومعه ی کارگشا


It had not rained on the prairie for several months.

ماه ها بود که در مرغزار باران نباریده بود.


Because of the drought, the climate had become very arid.

هوا بخاطر خشکسالی بسیار خشک شده بود.


There was no moisture left in the soil.

هیچ رطوبتی در خاک باقی نمانده بود.


No crops could grow in the dry ground.

در زمین خشک هیچ محصولی قادر به رشد کردن نبود.


By wintertime, the people had nothing to eat.

با فرا رسیدن فصل زمستان، مردم گرسنه بودند.


The hungry families heard about an abbey near the mountains where food and water was still abundant.

خانواده های گرسنه مطلع شدند که در صومعه ای نزدیک کوهستان آب و غذای فراوان وجود دارد.


So they traveled inland, across the prairie, to the abbey.

بنابراین به مقصد آن عبادتگاه که آنسوی مرغزار بود به آن سرزمین سفر کردند.


At first only a few families arrived, seeking food and shelter.

ابتدا تعداد کمی از خانواده ها به آنجا رسیدند و به دنبال غذا و سرپناه گشتند.


Then there was ample food.

سپس با کلی غذا روبرو شدند.


The monks fed them and let them sleep in the small cathedral.

راهب ها به آنها غذا دادند و اجازه دادند تا در کلیسای جامع کوچکی بخوابند.


Soon, however, more families were arriving every day.

به زودی بر تعداد خانواده ها اضافه می شد.


These people had to travel farther, so they were in worse condition.

آنها ناچار بودند مسافت بیشتری را طی کنند، بنابراین در شرایط سخت تری به سر می بردند.


The rugged journey had made their clothes ragged.

در این سفر کوهستانی تمامی لباسهایشان پاره پوره شده بود.


They were cold and tired.

سردشان شده بود و خسته بودند.


The tiny cathedral was soon full.

کلیسای کوچک به سرعت داشت پر شد.


Food became scarce.

غذا کمیاب شد.


The monks began to grumble.

راهب ها شروع به شکایت کردن نمودند.


They began to speculate that there would be no food.

آنها برآورد کردند که دیگر غذایی باقی نماند.


“If more families come, we won’t make it through the winter,” said a young monk.

یکی از راهبان جوان گفت: “اگر خانواده های بیشتری بیایند، قادر نخواهیم بود زمستان را به پایان ببریم.”


“We must ask some of them to leave.”

باید از تعدادی از آنها بخواهیم که از اینجا بروند.


The abbot heard this.

راهب بزرگ این خبر را شنید و گفت:


“We cannot do that,” he said.

” ما نمی توانیم این کار را بکنیم.


“It would be wrong to deprive them of food and shelter.

محروم کردن آنان از غذا و سرپناه کار درستی نیست.


We took an oath to help those that need help.

ما سوگند خورده ایم که به نیازمندان کمک کنیم.


All here are in need, so all are eligible to receive our food and shelter.”

همه آنها نیازمندند، بنابراین مسحق استفاده از غذا و سرپناه ما هستند.”


“But we won’t have enough,” the monk said.

راهب گفت: ” اما ما غذای کافی نداریم.”


“That might be true, but we must help them nonetheless.

راهب بزرگ پاسخ داد: ” درست است، اما به هر شکل باید به آنها کمک کنیم.


We will fast,” the abbot replied.

روزه خواهیم گرفت.”


“Also, we will give our rooms in the abbey to those sleeping outside, and we will sleep in the churchyard that adjoins the cathedral.”

همچنین اتاقهایمان در صومعه را به کسانی که بیرون می خوابند خواهیم داد و خودمان در حیاط کلیسا در مجاورت کلیسای جامع خواهیم خفت.


The monks were reluctant at first, but they did what the oldest monk said.

راهب ها ابتدا برای انجام این کار اکراه داشتند اما کاری را که راهب بزرگ گفت انجام دادند.


By the end of winter, there was still enough food and shelter for everyone.

آنها تا پایان زمستان برای همه جا وغذا داشتند.


They learned that sometimes helping others means you must give more help than you first expected.

آنها آموختند که برخی اوقات معنای کمک به دیگران این است که بیشتر از آنچه انتظار داریم کمک کنیم.



When the monk returned to the abbey, he went immediately to his bedroomصومعهabbey
Cakes, cookies, and candy were so abundant that the child was very happyفراوانabundant
She can listen to her brother’s conversations because her room adjoins hisکنار چیزی بودن، متصل به چیزی بودنadjoin
There was an ample supply of oats to feed the horsesکافیample
Not many plants grow in the arid desertخشک، سوزانarid
The large cathedral is full of people on Sunday morningsکلیسای جامعcathedral
Because the child was bad, she was deprived of her dessert after dinnerمحروم کردنdeprive
After three months of drought, the vegetation and trees started dyingخشکسالیdrought
Only people who bought tickets were eligible to win a prizeمجازeligible
In her religion, they fast for five days and then have a big feastروزه گرفتنfast
He grumbled about having to work late on Fridayشکایت کردن، غُر زدنgrumble
The river curved inland near the campgroundدرون مرزیinland
If you breathe on a window, moisture from your breath collects on the glassرطوبتmoisture
She tried to keep the dog out of the mud, but it got dirty nonethelessبا این وجودnonetheless
Judges must take an oath to be fair to everyone in courtقسم خوردنOath
The prairie was perfect for a farm because there were hills and treesمَرغزارprairie
They could see his toes through the holes in his ragged shoesپاره پورهragged
Their car couldn’t make it far along the rugged roadsکوهستانیrugged
When gasoline was scarce, we rode our bikes, instead of driving, to schoolنایابscarce
My sister looked at the sky and speculated that it would rain tomorrowحدس زدنspeculate

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