The Shepherd and the Wild Sheep

چوپان و قوچها



Once there was a shepherd.

روزی چوپانی بود.


Every night he counted and gathered his sheep.

او هر شب گوسفندان خود را می شمرد و جمع می کرد.


He was sure never to overlook any of them.

او دقت می کرد که هیچ گاه هیچ یک از آنها را از قلم نیندازد.


One night, he saw some wild sheep had joined his herd.

یک شب متوجه شد که چند گوسفند وحشی وارد گَله اش شده اند.


He hoped to acquire the newcomers.

او امیدوار بود که گوسفندهای جدید را پیدا کند.


It snowed that night.

آن شب برف می بارید.


In the morning, the shepherd couldn’t take his sheep out of his lodge.

صبح چوپان نتوانست گوسفندان را از کلبه اش بیرون ببرد.


Instead, he had to feed them inside.

در عوض ناچار شد همان داخل به آنها غذا دهد.


He gave a small amount of wheat to his own sheep.

او به گوسفندان خودش مقدار کمی گندم داد.


But he gave more of the food to the wild sheep.

اما مقدار بیشتری از غذا را به قوچها داد.


He thought the extra wheat would discourage them from leaving.

او فکر می کرد که قوچها به خاطر گندم اضافی آنجا را ترک نمی کنند.


It snowed for several days.

هفت روز برف بارید.


During that time, the shepherd’s sheep ate very little.

طی این مدت، گوسفندان چوپان غذای اندکی خوردند.


The wild sheep, however, ate very well.

قوچها اما حسابی غذا خوردند.


At last, the snow melted, and they ventured outdoors.

بلاخره، برفها آب شد و آنها بیرون رفتند.


As soon as he opened the door of his hut, the wild sheep started to run away.

به محض این که چوپان درب کلبه را باز کرد، قوچها پا به فرار گذاشتند.


“Wait! This is how you repay me?

چوپان فریاد زد: ” این طور دستمزد مرا می دهید؟


After I treated you so kindly, why do you run away?” the shepherd asked.

بعد از این همه مهربانی با شما چرا فرار می کنید؟”


His voice was full of hatred.

صدای چوپان سرشار از نفرت بود.


The wild sheep stopped and turned toward the shepherd.

قوچها ایستادند و به سمت چوپان برگشتند.


“We’re leaving because you fed us better than your own sheep,” one of the wild sheep replied.

یکی از قوچها گفت: “ما داریم می رویم به این دلیل که به ما بهتر از گوسفندان خودت غذا دادی.”


“You tried to deceive us with your ridiculous plan.

تو سعی کردی با نقشه مسخره ات ما را فریب دهی.


Yesterday you treated us kindly, but tomorrow you might be different.

دیروز با مهربانی با ما رفتار کردی، اما فردا ممکن است تغییر کنی.


If more wild sheep joined your herd, you would treat us as inferior sheep.”

اگر قوچهای بیشتری وارد گَله ات شوند دیگر با ما همچون گوسفندانی کم ارزش برخورد خواهی کرد.”


As the wild sheep ran away, the shepherd understood his offense.

چوپان در حالیکه قوچها فرار می کردند، متوجه اشتباه خود شد.


He knew this awkward situation was his own fault.

او می دانست که این وضعیت خجالت آور تقصیر خود اوست.


He had not been a satisfactory caretaker.

او سرپرست خوبی نبود.


He was a fake friend to the wild sheep.

او برای قوچها یک دوست واقعی نبود.


Because of this, he had neglected his own herd.

چرا که گَله اش را فراموش کرده بود.




Tina acquired a strange package yesterday به دست آوردن acquire
After dropping his coffee cup, Robbie felt awkward خجالت بار، زشت awkward
My grandmother’s caretaker helps her get around the house سرپرست caretaker
He tried to deceive his friends as they were playing a game فریب دادن deceive
Mr. Perry discouraged the students from quitting school باز داشتن discourage
The model was wearing fake eyelashes تقلبی fake
I have a hatred for the taste o f medicine تنفر hatred
We all went into the hut to sleep آلونک hut
Cars built a hundred years ago are inferior to ones built today کم ارزش inferior
During our ski trip, we stayed at a lodge کلبه lodge
William neglected his room, so it is a complete mess فراموش کردن neglect
The students happily welcomed the newcomer to the school تازه وارد newcomer
Stealing a car is a very serious offense خطا، اشتباه offense
Brenda overlooked the last step and had a bad fall از قلم انداختن، بی توجهی کردن به overlook
She repaid her friend for all o f his hard work with a small gift باز پرداخت، پاداش دادن repay
Steve looked ridiculous with those huge blue sunglasses مسخره ridiculous
Mina often received satisfactory grades since she studied so hard رضایت بخش satisfactory
The shepherd moved the sheep to another field چوپان shepherd
Even though it was dangerous, they ventured up the mountain بیرون رفتن venture
The field o f golden wheat was ready to be harvested گندم wheat

دیدگاه خود را ثبت کنید.

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