Watch Out!

Watch Out!

مراقب باشید!


Watch Out!



Kevin stepped off the tram and walked toward the ship, holding a package tightly in his hands.

کوین از تراموا پیاده شد و درحالی که بسته ای را محکم در دستانش نگهداشته بود به سوی کشتی رفت.


 He had been hired as a courier for an important broker.


او برای یک دلال مهم  بعنوان  پیک  کار می کرد.


All he needed to do was deliver a package to an office in New York City; the ship would take him there.

تنها کاری که باید انجام میداد تحویل یک بسته به دفتری در نیویورک سیتی بود، کشتی او را به آنجا می برد.


When he boarded, the ship was congested with people.

هنگامیکه سوار شد، کشتی مملو از مسافر بود.


As Kevin walked to his cabin, he saw the exclusive first-class section.

همانطور که کوین به سمت کابینش میرفت،چشمش به قسمت درجه یک ویژه افتاد.


Everybody inside was wearing fancy garments.

 همه مسافراندر این قسمت لباسهایی فاخر به تن داشتند.


 He would have liked to socialize with the people inside, but it was against proper etiquette.

او دوست داشت با افراد در این قسمت معاشرت کند ، اما این کار برخلاف آداب و رسوم رایج بود.


People paid a premium for the privilege to ride in first-class.

مسافران به منظور اجازه برای سوار شدن به قسمت ویژه  مبلغ اضافی می پرداختند.


Instead, he went to his cabin next to the freight section of the boat.

در عوض، او به کابین خود که در کنار قسمت بار بود رفت.


His room smelled bad, and the floorboards were warped and deformed in some areas.

اتاقش بوی بدی میداد، و چوبهای کف اتاق در بعضی قسمتها خم شده و از قالب در رفته بود.


 He could also hear the motor humming as it waited to propel the ship forward.

همچنین میتوانست صدای مستمر موتور را وقتی منتظر به جلو  راندن کشتی بود را بشنود.


Suddenly, Kevin was unsettled by something, but he wasn’t sure why.


ناگهان، چیزی کوین را مشوش کرد، اما او مطمئن نبود چرا.


He took a short walk on the ship’s deck, but he still felt strange.

او مدت کوتاهی روی عرشه کشتی راه رفت ،اما هنوز احساس عجیبی داشت.


That night, he suffered from insomnia—he couldn’t suppress his obsessing over how strange he felt.

آن شب ،خواب به چشمانش نیامد – او نتوانست جلو وسواس خود نسبت به حس غریبی را که داشت بگیرد.


Kevin went back on deck.

کوین به عرشه کشتی برگشت.


It was cold and dark outside.

بیرون هوا سرد و تاریک بود.


 He looked overboard, but it seemed that everything was all right. “ Just  go back inside,” he thought.

او از کشتی به دریا نگاهی انداخت، اما همه چیز بنظر مرتب می رسید. با خود فکر کرد: “بهتر است به  داخل برگردم.”


Then Kevin saw it.

در همین لحظه کوین چیزی دید.


 A giant iceberg was sticking out of the ocean in the distance!

یک کوه یخ غول پیکر در فاصله ای دور از دل اقیانوس بیرون زده بود.


“ Help!” he yelled.

او فریاد زد: ” کمک”


People looked at him as if he was crazy, but he continued to shout until he saw the captain.

مردم به گونه ای به او نگاه کردند که انگار دیوانه است،اما او همچنان به فریاد زدن ادامه داد تا اینکه کاپیتان را دید.


“ There’s an iceberg out there,” Kevin said to him.

کوین به او گفت :”در آن فاصله دور یک کوه یخ است”


“ If the ship doesn’t move, we’re liable to crash,” he said, pointing toward the iceberg.

در حالی که به سمت کوه یخ اشاره می کرد  گفت: ” اگر کشتی حرکت نکند ، ما مسئول صانحه کشتی هستیم.”


The captain saw it and immediately instructed the crew to change the ship’s direction.

کاپیتان آن را دید و فورا به خدمه دستور داد تا مسیر کشتی را تغییر دهد.


“Without your help, we would have definitely hit  the iceberg. That would have been a terrible disaster!” he said to Kevin.

او به کوین گفت : “بدون کمک شما مطمئنا  با کوه یخ برخورد می کردیم. می توانست فاجعه ای  وحشتناک رخ دهد.”


Kevin felt relieved.

کوین خیالش راحت شد.


 Now he knew to always trust his intuitive sense.

حالا  فهمید که همیشه باید به حس درونی اش اعتماد کند.

Tom didn’t get home until after dark because the road was so congested  مملو از، بسته congested
Before trains, most couriers used horses to travel نامه رسان/پیک courier
The computer program deformed the building’s picture into an unreal sight  از شکل افتادن/بد شکل کردن deform
When in Asian countries, bowing is a form of etiquette رسم/ آداب معاشرت etiquette
The golf course was so exclusive that most people hadn’t even heard of it منحصر به فرد exclusive
Trade ships only carried valuable freight like silk and spices  محموله freight
The business man had all of his garments cleaned before the important meeting لباس، جامه garment
Nate’s insomnia prevented him from getting enough rest  بیخوابی insomnia
Rhonda had an intuitive feeling that Shane wasn’t coming to school today غریزی / درونی intuitive
During the summer months, hikers in the forest are liable to see deer and elk مسئول liable
After watching the Star Wars movies, Ike obsessed about becoming a Jedi وسواس obsess
Tom and Gary slipped on the wet floor and fell overboard  به دریا نگاه کردن(از کشتی) overboard
Tony paid for premium gas because it made his car run the best  قیمت اضافه premium
Only the best employee had the privilege of parking in that spot امتیاز privilege
The strong wind propelled the leaf through the air and across the street به حرکت در آوردن/به جلو راندن propel
I like to socialize with my classmates after school معاشرت کردن/رفت و آمد کردن Socialize
She suppressed her urge to scream because she didn’t want to be noticed مانع شدن Suppress
I took the tram to Eighth Avenue   تراموا /واگن برقی Tram
The dark clouds in the sky unsettled Beth آشفته کردن/مغشوش کردن unsettle
The woman put the clock above the fireplace, and the heat warped it  لوله شدن warp

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