The Tricky Fox

روباه مکار




There was a fox that lived in the forest.


Fox loved to play mean tricks on the other animals.


One day, he used the sharp rim of a bottle to dig a pit in the ground.


He hid in a tree until Rabbit came to the pit’s edge.


Then, he jumped out and pushed Rabbit into the pit.


Fox laughed and ran away.


The angry Rabbit climbed out and told the other animals what happened.


The others said, “That is typical behavior for Fox. He does mean things all the time.


Sometimes, he is completely immoral.


We all disapprove of his actions, so we should teach him a lesson. Tomorrow, we’ll push Fox into that pit.”


The next day, all of the animals hid near the pit and waited for Fox.


Fox was oblivious to the hidden animals.


He walked up to the pit to see if Rabbit was still trapped.


Just then, the other animals ran up to Fox and pushed him in.


All the animals laughed and cheered, except Fox, of course.


Fox couldn’t get out! The walls of the pit were covered in damp ivy.


It was too slippery for him to climb out. He was utterly helpless.


He moaned and began to weep.


At last, he saw Eagle watching him from her roost.


He yelled, “Eagle, please help me!


If I don’t get out of here, I will perish!”


Eagle said, “You may think your tricks are trivial, but you hurt others when you do mean things.


I’ll help you if you promise to be nice.”


Fox said, “I promise!”


Eagle began her flight to the bottom of the pit.


She picked up Fox with her beak and soared out of the pit.


She dropped Fox safely on the ground.


Fox thanked Eagle and kept his promise.


He was nice to the other animals.


The animals even become fond of fox, and the frost was a happy place.


The bird used her beak to dig a small hole in the ground نوک پرنده beak
My hair is still damp from my shower نمناک damp
Alex, disapproved of his son’s behavior مخالف بودن با disapprove
Everyone had fun on the trip except Jim, who felt ill the whole time به جز except
The airplane made a flight around the world پرواز flight
I am very fond of chocolate cake شیفته ، علاقه مند fond
Stealing money from one’s mother is an immoral act غیر اخلاقی immoral
The walls of the castle are covered with ivy پیچک ivy
The sick man moaned from his bed ناله کردن moan
I was late to school because I was oblivious of the time بی اطلاع از oblivious
Many people perish in wars مردن perish
Michael fell into the pit and needed some help to get out گودال pit
I put my lips to the rim of the bottle and took a drink لبه، دیواره rim
The family of doves made a roost at the top of the tree لانه، آشیانه roost
The repairman fell down on the floor because it was too slippery لغزنده slippery
As the sun rose, two eagles soared through the sky اوج گرفتن در آسمان soar
Television is trivial, but learning to read is very important بی اهمیت، بیهوده trivial
Barking is typical behavior for dogs عادی، رایج typical
When the sun was blocked by the moon, it was utterly dark outside به طور کامل utterly
My sister told me the dramatic movie would make me weep گریه کردن weep

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